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Aplikasi Game Android Gratis - Air Alert

Aplikasi Game Android Air Alert - Adalah aplikasi game android helikopter terbaik, kemudikan helikopter penembak jitu dengan teknologi canggih, peralatan dengan berbagai macam senjata dan misil, untuk meyelesaikan misi.
Aplikasi Game Android Gratis - Air Alert
Menggunakan fitur layar 3 Dimensi, rasanya tidak sama dengan permainan lainnya dan menemukan tantangan baru dalam permainannya.

Fitur Aplikasi Game Android Air Alert:

  • Tiga buah helikopter dengan kemampuan yang berbeda, anda dapat mengupgradenya dengan mudh
  • Misil penjelajah, misil penembak langsung, penghancur misil, dan rasakan kombinasi dari berbagai senjata
  • Tiga level kesulitan
  • Berbagai tampilan layar yang dapt berubah secara acak
  • Berbagai piala dan penghargaan acak




Update Versi Terbaru  Game Android Air Alert:

  1. Versi terbaru 0.4 
  2. Memperbaiki jumlah misil karena level lag
  3. Menambah rangking 
  4. Menambah panduan lengkap
  5. Menambah senajata untuk raja dan indikasi kekuatannya

Download Versi Terbaru  Game Android Air Alert:

Jika Anda tertarik untuk memainkan game ini anda bisa mendownload langsung. Untuk mendownload aplikasi game android Air Alert secara gratis silakan klik dsini langsung dari perangkat Anda kemudian install untuk mendapatkan versi yang terbaru.

iPhone 5 Accessory Battery long Life

iPhone 5 Accessory Battery long Life - iphone5 users will currently enjoy extended battery life thanks to some new accessory created by morphie. the device referred to as the happens to be the juice pack air, and this offers a sleek answer onto the battery issues iphone 5 users are struggling with since ios 6. zero. 2 was rolled out earlier this year.
iPhone5 Accessory Greatly Extends Its Battery Life
iPhone 5 Accessory Battery long Life

gadget insiders reports that the juice pack air weighs only 2. 68 ounces and actually has a 1, 700 mah battery that’s inserted inside normal iphone5 case. according onto the manufacturer, it adds concerning eight additional hours of talk time or lte internet use or ten hours of wi-fi use. additionally it adds 40 hours onto the iphone 5’s audio playback and 10 hours of video playback.

morphie aforesaid the case works for concerning 500 full charging cycles, utilizing a cycle being any time the device is charged from empty up to firmly 100 p.c. the accessory’s capability might drop to firmly 75 p.c after 500 full charging cycles.

 it will include an outlet to firmly permit microusb charging for each the juice pack air and of course the iphone5 at the exact time.

the juice pack air will certainly be on the market on march 22, though it might well be purchased being a pre-order. it’s priced at $100, and on the market colours embrace black at once after which red and white closer to firmly the launch date.

morphie released an identical product in february popularly known as juice pack helium. it sells for around $80 and is slightly less relevant to an upgrade when compared to the juice pack air. a reviewer at ocanada aforesaid the juice pack helium adds 1, 500 mah of battery life utilizing a case similar onto the one used for our juice pack air. it adds concerning six hours of talk time, up to firmly 30 hours of audio playback time and seven hours of video playback time

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Install Android Market free

Install Android Market free - Optimalkan tablet Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), Android Market kini dibuat lebih cepat dan mudah untuk menemukan aplikasi yang mengagumkan, permainan, dan widget untuk Anda.
Download Install Android Market free
Install Android Market free

Mencari dan menelusuri lebih dari 150.000 aplikasi dan permainan yang tersedia untuk di-download sesuai dengan type dan fasilitas Android Anda.

Membaca dan menulis ulasan pengguna aplikasi serta mengelola aplikasi Anda untuk di download dan di instal.

* Lebih dari 150.000 aplikasi dan permainan yang tersedia
* Ada aplikasi berbayar dan gratis
* Post user reviews and rate apps
* Lihat dan mengelola aplikasi yang ada dan download game

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Free Aquarium Live Wallpaper Samsung Galaxy S3

Free Aquarium Live Wallpaper  Samsung Galaxy S3 

Free Aquarium Live Wallpaper have realistic fish animation and three different marine backgrounds.
Animations can be turned on or off.
Live Wallpaper with beautiful animation.

To use: HOME > MENU > Wallpaper > Live Wallpapers

Aquarium have many settings.
A beautiful tropical fish tank live wallpaper!
Fish and bubbles animations can be turned on or off.

Suported Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note, Asus Google Nexus
Premium Free Aquarium Live Wallpaper with cool realistic fish animation!

Free Aquarium Live Wallpaper  Samsung Galaxy S3
Live Aquarium for Galaxy s android


Gratis Aquarium Live Wallpaper, memiliki animasi ikan yang realistis dan mempunyai tiga latar belakang laut yang berbeda.
Animasi dapat diaktifkan atau dinonaktifkan.
Wallpaper hidup dengan animasi yang indah.
Untuk menggunakan: HOME> MENU> Wallpaper> Wallpaper Live
Aquarium memiliki  banyak pengaturan.
Sebuah tangki ikan yang indah wallpaper tropis yang hidup!
Ikan dan gelembung animasi dapat diaktifkan atau dinonaktifkan.

Suported Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note, Asus Google Nexus
Premium Gratis Wallpaper Aquarium Live dengan animasi ikan dingin realistis!

Download copy link dibawah ini  dan paste di browser anda:

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Apps Android Samsung Galaxy untuk Anak

Apps Android Samsung Galaxy untuk Anak

Apps Android Samsung Galaxy untuk AnakWeve written ( repeatedly, usually in comments ) as to actually why its therefore challenging to find android apps that meet our standards. and though a recent survey in our readers indicates that a little over 90% own an apple device ( usually an ipad ) and are hunting for ios apps, with additional folks turning to actually android phones, there will be some things you can love to actually see within the whole android app department--not barely as tech reviewers, however on behalf of scores of folks we hear from constantly !

1. App Quality
the reality of one's matter is, the quality of ios apps continues to be way superior out to most android apps, significantly for children. do a web look for best android apps for youths and youll get a large amount of, ugh... extremely ?

take ebooks as an example. grimms snow white one among the'>can be one of the prime rated ebooks for android on google play. its $4. 99. heres a screenshot : 
Apps Android Samsung Galaxy untuk Anak
currently look into pop out ! the tale of peter rabbit for ipad, conjointly $4. 99 just as highly rated. theres simply no comparison.

correction : we simply found it for android. hooray ! though possibly this speaks in the challenging search gathering in general for folks. therefore we stand via the notion that the overall quality of prime apps for android isnt meeting the standards of prime apps on ios.
Apps Android Samsung Galaxy untuk Anak
the rating systems are in no way nice gauge if youre picky ; four-five stars by the android app store ( there could be 329 of these at once ) looks easier out to achieve than the very same on itunes, probably as a result of expectations are lower. not that the grimms ebook isnt smart enough--wed same as android oldsters out to have additional outstanding choices too.

2. consistency across platforms
if you do in fact inspect plenty of android app reviews, youll tend out to see a wild sort of ratings, many dictated by users phone. as an example, youre apt out to see complaints like crashes repeatedly givenfor my samsung galaxy tab or works givenfor my nexus 4, not on nexus 7. currently we are able to give a few caveats within the review, other then if its a brand new app while not plenty of reviews, we cant possibly understand whether or not it will just be nice on four models of motorola phones, though not 2 others.

3. additional kids apps for kindle fire 
Apps Android Samsung Galaxy untuk Anak
inside the bright facet, kindle fire is creating nice headway within the whole childrens app department. theres still a discrepency between smart apps for kindle fire and then for android phones ( if even out there for each. ) we come across if better bet is sticking with major developers like pbs kids or electronic arts, and hope the little developers will get there too. were too thrilled to firmly see that toca boca is dipping a toe within the whole kindle fire water with offerings like toca hair salon 2. a lot of please !

4. price !
from our own expertise, most as to the android kids apps up to firmly our standards are currently in the $2. 99 and up vary. if you do in fact strive the list of free or lite apps, they actually are inclined to be restricted to firmly licensed characters and pretty subpar games. ( what number versions of decorate the cookie/pizza/ice cone will one kid have ? ) or worse--the apps are labeled free and flip out not to firmly be ; weve tried many that lure you in with free however are extremely lite versions that need another $2. 99 or a lot of to firmly truly get even semi-decent functionality. after all theres a few with this on itunes furthermore, but is not nearly as a lot of.

its too funny is it that this can be the current amazon app store class listing for recent free apps as to the day :
Apps Android Samsung Galaxy untuk Anak
yes, at one time they may are free however currently theyre not. somewhat frustrating. you may also be clicking on any class that says perhaps free perhaps not.

3. a kids class on google play

whereas amazon uses a kids apps class with 1300 apps, ( though mostly ones were not in love with ), google play has no such factor. looks potential that google is merely not aiming for folks the manner apple is in the ipad--or even amazon with kindle fire.
Kids' apps category at the Amazon app store
hereas were at it, lets talk subcategories to assist folks out. when dude, wheres my water is filed right next out to grand theft auto underneath games, well uh... more than a little totally different if youre searching for one thing in exchange for 6 year recent.

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